• Melbourne PAL Bulldawgs Top Youth to High School Prospects

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    Melbourne PAL Bulldawgs (BCYFCA)
    Brevard County

    Kyle Haderle- A seven year tackle football player in the Melbourne PAL organization, defender, Haderle is the prototypical student athlete. As an honor student in Johnson Middle School’s AVID program, Haderle consistently makes his mark in the Brevard County Youth Football league. His exceptional speed and footwork most likely stem from hours of practice and working on the family ranch. His upper body strength and ability to shed off blockers, make this 5’9 160 pound athlete a TOP prospect in the defensive core on the Space Coast.

    Blake McNamee- Inside linebacker ,McNamee has played for the Bulldawgs since his rookie season. His natural ability to stay low and wrap up when tackling, paved the way for him to be selected to multiple National Competition Teams. His skills have been practiced and performed against youth teams all throughout the Southeast and in Texas. Reminiscent of what Zach Thomas looked like as a youth football player, this 5’7 linebacker is extremely knowledgeable of the game. To that end, he is an Honor student in seventh grade with great parental backing, which is sure to provide him with the tools to get to the next level.

    Pavis Gray- Weight restrictions no longer hinder the performance of all star seventh grader Pavis Gray. Consistently stuck on the interior line for the Melbourne PAL Bulldawgs because of the leagues weight restrictions, this 5’10 190 pound nose guard is the fastest Defensive lineman in the county in the Junior and Senior Division. In previous Super Bowl appearances, Gray recorded more rushing yards and touchdowns than the opponent. When the regular season concludes, he participates on all star teams where his regular season hard work is rewarded by letting this Jerome Bettis style running back do what he loves. With a strong passion for running the ball, this player will be the best kept secret entering into high school in two years.

    Tyler “Smiley” Capman- He is the fastest up and comer in the Melbourne Bulldawgs Organization. This multi-sport athlete has a reputation for always smiling when taking on players twice his size. Capman’s speed and agilities are directly representative of his constant activity and practice routine. A utility player, Capman recorded rushing touchdowns, sacks, and high return yards on special teams in each of his last two seasons.