• " ROAD TO THE STC 2012 "

    Deep down south on southwest 152st is where the most talked about team of the 2012 football season is focused. Backed by Head coach David Watson these new look Richmond Giants (Mighty Mites) 90lbs are on a mission to finally get over the hump.

    What makes them one is the off season program, going camping together and trips to the movies to name a few. Plus other family get togethers forming a bond that no man or other teams can separate.

    The team is singing out "I use to have nothing, now I have a whole lot everything!Ē With scores like 27-0 Florida City, 26-0 over Palmetto, over Northwest 27-6, and beating a good Glouds Rams team 18-0, teams need to take heed.

    But Gwen Cherry Bulls Mighty Mites stand in the way for the third season in a row. Football Hotbed got in contact with Mr. Watson up close and personal about his past, present and bright future.

    FHB: Whatís make this team better than your past two teams?

    DW: Well its simple prior year's team really had less talent on the 70ís and 80ís (Jr. Bandits and Bandits) at the start we wasnít really considered to be atop four team, so I have better talent this year.

    FHB: What new kids you added to your roster?

    DW: Twenty kids Mama G (a young lady) , Tommy , TJ , Dishon aka Bobby Busha ), Joshua , Junior , Anthony , Isaac (Ice) , Fred , Jamiron and Kham to name some.

    FHB: What have you learn from past seasons?

    DW: I realize that we are on my four year plan to make it Disney next year, I realize I had some of the pieces in places and we overachieved I know the need to have at least equal talent on the field to increase chances of winning, what also realize which is more important our kids need positive people in their lives that will do positive things with them. You know the thing that stood out to me the most last year was when the majority of the team thanked me and hugged me for our team trip to Bush Gardens.

    FHB: Whoís your picks for the STC at mighty mites and why?

    DW: Got to see who get what seeding, but itís out of us Gwen Cherry, Glouds, and Overtown.

    FHB: How can Richmond Park return to the glory days?

    DW: Simple Keep Richmond Heights talent home instead running to other parks! Back in the days if you lived in the Heights you played for the heights.

    FHB: Name Your Top five kids you ever coach past and present?

    DW: Lamar Miller (UM/Dolphins), Richard Leonard (FIU), Keith Reaser (FAU), Jaquan Johnson (Killan High School) and Brahsard Smith (present Richmond Giant 90lbs)

    FHB: How many super bowls have you coached in?

    DW: Five. In 2005 vs Gwen Cherry Mighty Mites, 2009 Helping Hands Mighty Mites, Suniland Jr. Pee Wees, and 2010 Ė 2011 Gwen Cherry Bulls Jr. Bandits and Bandits

    FHB: When you finally win it how would you picture it?

    DW: When we win this year, it will start a string of three in a row in a national next year! I do this first to make a difference in my community and second to win a championship. Thatís why unlike other coaches, I donít try and get all the best kids. Iíll deal with the 'not so good players' also. I am a Giant for life unless I move! ď